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Why Choose Grade Gurus?

Language is the Light of the Mind John Stewart Mill

Grade Gurus welcomes students from all over the world at its Montreal downtown campus.

Why choose this exceptional language school?

Grade Gurus is more than a language school with state of the art classrooms, qualified expert teachers and a curriculum of excellence. We believe our students deserve the best…the best opportunities, the best curriculum, the best of us!

Language is more than words, grammar or paper. Language is power. It is the power to communicate anywhere and everywhere. Language brings people together, forms bonds and partnerships. We believe that we can open the doors of communication for our students no matter what their level or background. Our approach is interactive, collaborative and intensive. Language is practice in the classroom, in the real world and with others.

In the classroom, our students are given lessons to build up their repertoire of skills. They work hard and practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking through a variety of activities including videos, interviews and workshops. In time, these lessons create a strong foundation on which higher levels of language and communication are achieved.

Experiences and memories are created when our students become involved in complementary activities set in and around the beautiful city of Montreal. Real life communication happens, and friendships are made. Grade Gurus brings it all together!

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