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The Most Extravagant Poutines in Montreal

Since its emergence in rural Quebec during the 1950s, the poutine has morphed into the defining dish of the province’s food culture. For locals, poutine is an indulgence best enjoyed with friends, following a night on the town. For those traveling abroad or visiting the province for the first time, it’s clear that no trip to Quebec is complete without a taste of this internationally renowned dish.

L’Gros Luxe – Grilled Cheese Poutine 451 East Duluth Avenue

L’Gros Luxe is an eatery that would be hard to spot were it not for the omnipresent line of people protruding from its glass doors. With its vintage décor, the restaurant becomes a nostalgic café by day and trendy restaurant by night.

While the resto-bar already benefits from a traditional arrangement of the poutine, the true prize of this Montreal hotspot is the grilled cheese poutine. The dish is as simple as its title suggests; a poutine with vegetarian gravy and chives is placed within a grilled cheese sandwich. Despite its simplicity, the result is a delightful snack that satisfies the craving for all things melted and flavorful. At a cost of $9, the grilled cheese poutine is an inexpensive one-way ticket to a paradise of carbohydrates.

Poutineville – The Heart Attack Poutine 994 East Rachel Street

While the decor of Poutineville may be minimalist, the establishment’s 15-pound Heart Attack poutine is anything but. Served in a huge metal skillet, the behemoth consists of fries, cheese curds, chicken, bacon, sliced hot-dogs, minced beef, ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and poutine sauce. In retrospect, $100 seems like a small price to pay for the bragging right associated with completing the city’s biggest poutine.

La Banquise – La Folie Poutine 1365 East Ontario Street

A list of the most innovative poutines in Montreal would be incomplete without the most reputable poutine joint in Montreal, La Banquise. Distinguishable by its bright yellow exterior, the 24-hour snack bar is famous for its poutine experimentation. A Mecca for poutine lovers, La Banquise offers over 30 varieties of poutine, and serves between 8,000 and 10,000 poutines each week.

The menu of La Banquise features a mix of innovative poutines, but none are as bold as La Folie. In addition to its sweet red potato fries and locally produced cheese curds, La Folie is comprised of mushrooms, corn, sautéed red onions, spicy sausage, sour cream, jalapeño poppers and pepper sauce. The piquant sting of the ingredients and the refreshing sensation of the sour cream give La Folie a perfect mix of spicy and cool.

Kitchen 73 – Breakfast Poutine 45A Brunswick Boulevard

Although poutine is most often consumed in the late afternoon or at night, it is a little-known fact that the dish can also serve as a breakfast meal. At Kitchen 73, the art of the breakfast poutine has been perfected. Located in the heart of the West Island, Kitchen 73 is so popular that, some mornings, the lengthy lines make it slightly difficult to snag a table.

The breakfast poutine speaks for itself. The poutine features sliced potatoes, bacon, mozzarella cheese as well as a fried egg to top it all off. Furthermore, by substituting traditional gravy for hollandaise sauce, the dish achieves a rich, mildly tangy flavour. Kitchen 73’s breakfast poutine demonstrates that, whether it be early in the morning or late at night, the time is always right to enjoy a poutine.

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