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Recent Updates of PEQ Requirements

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As of November 1st, 2019, there have been updates to the rules and requirements regarding the PEQ. These changes are all listed and available for you to consult on the Government of Québec website at the following link, here. To make things easier for you, we have extracted the essential information from that page and listed it here:

As of November 1st, 2019, Quebec graduates can submit applications for permanent selection under the PEQ. Here is a list of admissible diplomas:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (undergraduate university degree)

  • Master’s Degree

  • Doctorate (PhD)

  • Diploma of Collegial Studies - Technical

  • Vocational Diploma, with or without attestation of vocational specialization, obtained consecutively, attesting to a minimum of 900 hours of study

  • Attestation of Vocational Specialization attesting to a minimum of 900 hours of study

  • Attestation of Collegial Studies attesting to a minimum of 900 hours of study

The diploma you obtain must be for one of the programs listed in the document available here. These programs have been chosen based on the job market needs in Québec.

Adding to the education requirements, candidates also have to complete at least 900 hours of full-time studies in Québec. If your diploma attests to more than 1800 hours of study, then you have to have lived in Québec for at least half of the duration of your study program. And if your hours of study are between 900 and 1800 hours, you need to have 6 months of full-time work experience in Québec which is in your area of training and is acquired after your study program.

Finally, given the large amount of feedback that the Québec government has received regarding the updates to the PEQ requirements, the new rules are potentially subject to change. As such, the information in this article reports the information, as it stands, at the time of publication. Any changes made to the rules will be shared with you in a new article. And as always, the full details regarding the rules and requirements for the PEQ are available on the Government of Québec website.

If you would like to learn even more about the PEQ changes and speak about them with a qualified professional, come join us at our information fair on November 16th, 2019!

The event will take place at Grade Gurus' downtown office from 10h00 to 17h00. For more information about the event, you can check out the event's page on Facebook, here.

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