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3 Best Test-Taking Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

So, after weeks of studying, the time has finally come for the test. Nervous? Don’t be! While being anxious is completely normal, you’re more likely to perform better if you follow these three test-taking tips!


Sometimes, when students get overwhelmed, there is a tendency to simply glaze over the questions, resulting in costly mistakes that could easily have been avoided. To counter this scenario, it is crucial to read the directions carefully, to the point where you fully understand what is being asked. And, if something seems unclear, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor.


Tests take place in a limited amount of time – as such, time management is an invaluable skill. We recommend that you read over the test at the beginning, so that you can estimate how to allocate your time. Then, answer all the questions you are certain about, as this will allow you to build your confidence. Once that is done, move on to the difficult questions. If one of these questions is taking too long to complete, skip it and return to it later. Finally, give yourself some time to review your test at the very end.


A wrong answer is always better than a blank answer! Even if you are uncertain about the answer, putting nothing is a guaranteed fail, while even an unsure answer has the potential to be right!

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